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If any of this rings true for you, please know that you are not at all alone!

wanting more time in your day to exercise, have family time, or maybe do something just for yourself?

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overwhelmed with fatigue, low energy, or gut issues that traditional medicine can’t fix?

transitioning to a big life change - in your relationships or your health, and feeling a little lost in this new identity? 




that highly driven mom who “gets it done” for everyone else but is constantly feeling stretched thin?

fed up with the latest restrictive diet and wanting to shed some pounds while learning to eat intuitively and guilt free?

interested in finding out more? 

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I’m Veena, an Integrative Lifestyle Physician Health Coach, an active mom of three, a transformational mentor and a lover of food and adventure. I realize firsthand how hard it is to balance life, kids, a husband, career and everything in between. Watch more about my story of burnout, personal health crisis and ensuing transformation, the inspiration of my lifestyle coaching practice today! 

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“The body will heal itself when given half a chance but you need to give your body the right food, the right amount of rest, the right amount of activity in order to heal.”

Joseph Rosenthal, Institute of Integrative Nutrition

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